Rising 6th Grade Orchestra Members


Congratulations on completing your 1st year in 5th Grade Strings!! You did such a wonderful job in our program and we loved teaching you! Next year, Middle School Orchestra continues and it is bigger and better!!


The best part about orchestra in middle school, is that it meets every day! Imagine how awesome you are going to be! You can still do Art Visions, Chorus, GT, sports, and other activities in and outside of school while taking Orchestra! The opportunities are endless and we want you to continue to be a part of our program.


This Middle School Promo Video will give you additional information from the middle school directors about orchestra next year! If you have any questions feel free to email any of the Orchestra Directors below!


Dawkins Middle School 

Dr. Aaron Yackley - ayackley@spart6.org


Fairforest Middle School

Cortney Dial - dialjc@spart6.org


Gable Middle School

Allison Key - keyam@spart6.org


District Six Orchestra Coordinator 

Arlyn Mills - amills@spart6.org 



Have a great summer and we are excited to see you back in the fall!