Dorman Theatre Department presents Rumpelstiltskin!

The Dorman Theatre Department presents

by Peg Herring
Thursday, Sept 20 at 7 pm
Friday, Sept 21 at 4 pm
Saturday, Sept 22 at 2 pm AND 7 pm
Tickets are $5 per person and can be purchased at the door or at the DHS reception desks ahead of time.
Children are free!!!

Synopsis: Once upon a time there was a dwarf named Rumpels... wait, you probably know that part already. This reimagining of the classic fairy tale features two strong-willed sisters: Anya, shy and romantic, and Ingrid, outspoken and sensible. When their widowed mother is once again victim to the judgments of others, she tells a tiny lie -- Anya can turn straw into gold. Soon, the story "spins" out of control when the King believes Anya is the reason their nation is out of money and demands she perform her special skill for the royal coffers. Mix in magical companions, mistaken identities, a short villain, and princess wannabes -- is this a recipe for disaster? Or happily ever after?