The Arts in District Six

The mission of the faculty and staff of the District Six Fine Arts Program is to enrich the lives of all students by providing quality exposure and experiences in the arts.
Our Beliefs

1. We believe that awareness and knowledge of the arts enhances the quality of life.

2. We believe that the study of the arts awakens and refines the aesthetic sensibilities of students and the community at large.

3. We believe that the arts provide an important means of expression and communication.

4. We believe that the study of the arts can promote the personal qualities of discipline, leadership, and teamwork skills in students that can carry over into other areas of school and life and in this way, the arts serve the community by instilling pride and promoting good citizenship.

5. We believe that an appropriate environment should be created to foster artistic development for all students.

6. We believe that students should experience a sequential program of study reflecting the components of aesthetic perception, cultural heritage, aesthetic valuing, and creative expression.

7. We believe that all students should connect arts experiences with other content areas and daily life.

8. We believe that we must educate all students for the future and promote the technologies and skills needed for students to succeed.

9. We support the concept of arts connoisseurship for all students and at the same time promote arts career awareness and scholarship for those who choose to pursue post-secondary study in the field.