D6 Singers

Students in Fifth Grade in Spartanburg District Six have the opportunity to participate in D6 Singers.  This class meets either before or after school, once a week, depending on the music teacher's related arts schedule, for 30 minutes of choral instruction. In rehearsals students focus on matching pitch using solfege syllables: Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, and high Do.  Students sing three and four part-rounds, and prepare choral selections for the district-wide Choral Festival in the spring.  Students attend a field trip to Dorman and practice singing selections as part of a District Elementary Honor Chorus.  They also sing selections with the middle schools and Dorman.  Choral Festival provides our D6 Singers the opportunity to see how they can grow as singers in their educational career, if they continue to follow the choral track in middle and high school.