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District Six Choral Arts is comprised of choral ensembles, grades 5-12. The focus of the program is to inspire and nurture life-long musicians through a comprehensive choral curriculum that emphasizes music literacy and vocal performance. 
2020-2021 Theme: Music's Journey via LOVE and UNITY
District Six Choral Staff participates in webinars presented by the Dudley Foundation For The Arts with Dr. Carol Krueger- Conversations with Carol: Employing Music Literacy in the Music Classroom & Rehearsal Ensembles...
District Six Choral Arts celebrates 101 singers selected for the 2020 South Carolina American Choral Directors Association Honor Choirs. Elementary School (42)
Middle School (38)
High School (21)
Singers are anticipating the event to be rescheduled for May 2021 or October 2021.
Dorman High School has 18 singers selected for SCMEA 2020 All-State Chorus, and 2 singers selected for the ACDA Southern Region High School Honor Choir.