Middle School Art Educators

Aimee Price

R.P. Dawkins Middle School, Art Teacher

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I grew up in Chesnee, S.C. At Chesnee Middle School, I began taking gifted art classes in the 7th grade. I completed two years of A.P. art at Chesnee High School. During high school, my art teacher was a major influence in my life. She was an enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher that genuinely loved her students.  Because of this major influence, I decided to make art education my career path.

I completed my Bachelor’s of Art Education at Converse College in December 2006. I started teaching at R.P. Dawkins Middle School in August 2007.  During my first few years at Dawkins, I completed my Master’s of Art Education.

I commission both watercolor and acrylic paintings. I love to paint in my spare time. I am also an assistant Dorman track coach. When I am not painting, I love to spend time with my husband, my two boys, Greyson and Liam, and my dog and cat.

Lisa Clements

L.E. Gable Middle School, Art Teacher

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I grew up in the mountains of Western North Carolina on the Cherokee Indian Reservation in a small community called Snowbird.  When I wasn’t chasing squirrels or turning over rocks in the creek looking for lizards (to rehabilitate into pets), I was sitting somewhere with a pad of paper and pencil, drawing.

After high school graduation and a year at the local community college, I was restless. I moved away from my tiny town and migrated south. The next few years would bring lots of milestones and blessings beyond my wildest dreams: a wedding and several years later, a baby boy. Stay-at-home-Mom became my new occupation, which allowed me the opportunity to be a constant volunteer when he started school. The time I spent at Fairforest Elementary School with the kids, staff and others was what encouraged the path I would finally choose for my future. When my pre-teen son started middle school, it was no longer “cool” for your mom to volunteer, so I went back to school!

I graduated from Converse College in the spring of 2012 with a BA in Art Education and began teaching that fall at four different schools in District 6.  The following year, I was given a single school assignment at Gable Middle School, and found a home.

Every chance I get, I go back to those mountains I left so many years ago, and re-charge my batteries.  Family, flea markets and fur babies are a constant source of joy...and a sketchbook is never far from reach.

Dawn Robertson

L.E. Gable Middle School, Art Teacher

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I always loved art as a child, and began drawing as soon as I could hold a crayon.  I enjoyed my art classes in elementary school, and was placed in advanced classes when I reached junior high.  Unfortunately, I did not take much art during high school, because I was very busy with band, but returned to art when I went to college.


I attended Hollins College (now University) in Roanoke, VA, where I received a BA in Studio Art with a concentration in hand-tinted photography.  Upon graduation, and finding out that a studio degree was not a very useful thing to have, I enrolled at Converse College to obtain my teaching credentials.  I was immediately hired to teach elementary/middle school in Spartanburg District 2, where I remained for 17 years before coming to my current position at Gable.  I am now in my 11th year at GMS.


Beyond the classroom, I keep myself busy with various artistic endeavors around the community, as well as what I create for personal enjoyment.  I am also very involved with my church, animal advocacy/rescue, and my family.

Catherine Griffith
Fairforest Middle School, Art Teacher
Art Teacher in yellow shirt in front of brick wallI grew up in Spartanburg, South Carolina and attended District 7 schools. As a child, I was always drawing or sketching on anything I could find. One of my earliest creations can still be found on the underside of my parent’s coffee table. :)  I participated in the gifted art program throughout elementary and middle school and started in the Strings program in 5th grade. I played the violin in the Symphony and Chamber Orchestras at Spartanburg High School. We toured and performed in Europe, where I found myself absolutely enthralled with European art. This is when I realized that I wanted to major in Art in college. I  graduated from Winthrop University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Upon graduation, I moved back to Spartanburg and worked as a Graphic Designer at WSPA TV, News Channel 7. I married my best friend of 5 years soon after my college graduation and started our family of 3 beautiful children here in Spartanburg.  I was able to become a stay-at-home Mom while still freelancing graphic design jobs. My husband’s work moved us to Summerville, SC and then to Lake Wylie, SC where we lived for 15 years. We just moved back to Spartanburg this year and I am thrilled to be a part of the District 6 Arts program!
Volunteering and subbing in my children's schools made me realize that my path needed to include art AND children. So I began my career in Art Education. I come from a family of teachers so this should have been my first choice, but we call this my “2nd Act”. I taught private art lessons and held summer art camps while taking the necessary courses to become a certified k-12 Art Educator. Art brings joy to so many, and I want to positively impact children as my art teachers did for me. I strive to help my students discover and grow their inner artists in a safe, happy, and creative space, all while having lots of fun! Watching my students blossom into artists is a feeling like no other. When I am not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my husband, children (who are now grown!), and 1-year-old bernedoodle. The beach is always where I want to be, but relaxing by the backyard pool comes in an easy second place. My husband and I love to travel when we can, where I can search for the beauty of art all over the world.
Laney Fowler
Fairforest Middle School, Art Teacher
Art Teacher Laney Fowler
Growing up I was always participating in art-related things. I began gifted and talented art classes in 4th grade and continued to take art classes until I graduated high school. All of my art teachers throughout my life have played a major role in who I am today. I chose to be an art teacher because of the uplifting, talented, and caring role models I had in my past and still have today.
After high school, I got accepted into Converse University I completed my Bachelor’s of Art Education in May of 2021. Outside of the classroom, I stay busy with other hobbies. I do art parties, I work for a salon doing makeup, and I sell my artwork with a local boutique in Spartanburg, SC. I also enjoy my free time with my husband, my dog, and my family.