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Welcome to the Dorman High School Theatre Department. DTD has something for every student, from the one who prefers to watch from the wings, to the young actor who plans to be on Broadway.

Our Mission

While providing a challenging, nurturing, and safe environment, the Dorman Theatre Department encourages professionally-minded students with a strong aptitude for the theatrical arts who are ready to pursue a college or career path in the industry.

Our Vision

We envision a theatre department where:

  • The focus is on the collaborative process of theatre.
  • Students feel safe, valued, and respected.
  • Theatrical opportunities and facilities are designed to maximize student learning.
  • Students are provided opportunities beyond the classroom to grow and develop as actors and technicians.
  • All students graduate with an appreciation for theatre and fine arts.
  • Parents and community are engaged as partners in the production process. 


Thespians speak with more confidence than their non-actor counterparts, present themselves with more poise, measure a two-by-four with more accuracy, and always start a cross on their upstage foot. Students involved in the DTD distinguish themselves offstage too, being good citizens and excellent representatives of the theatre department.

Questions?  Comments? Please contact us!
Email Leah Wren at [email protected]
Phone: 582-4347 ext 3505
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