Choral Connections

Suzanne Jenkins
Choral Connections President - 2023-Present
D6 Arts
Choral Connections is an organization, comprised of families, businesses, and community members who work together to provide for the singers associated with District Six Choral Arts, grades 5-12.
School year 2023-2024 will begin the 12th year of Choral Connections. Though it is impossible to list all members who have had a positive impact on the lives of District Six singers, below is a listing of a few who have served on the invaluable leadership team throughout the years.
Choral Connections Presidents:
Suzanne Jenkins - 2023-2024
Mitchell Ames - 2022-2023
Melanie Holland - 2019-2022
Sharon Greeley - 2017-2019
Nicole Rice - 2017-2019
Melissa Parris - 2015-2017
Penny Pehling - 2012-2015
Committee Chairs/Members and Officers - Past and Present
Mitchell Ames
Catherine Cheeves
Ingrid Crawford
Ken Kiser
Kelly Kiser
Joy Kyzer
David Mattison
Rebekah Mattison
Lynne Morrow
Will Peeler
Melanie Sexton