Art and Music Visions


Spartanburg School District Six provides an artistically and musically gifted and talented program, entitled Visions. The following is a list of qualities artistically and musically gifted children often display. Definition:  The gifted are those children whose abilities, talents, and potential for accomplishment are so outstanding that they require special provisions to meet their educational needs.  District Six provides instruction for students identified as gifted and talented in the arts, in keeping with South Carolina State Regulation 43-220.  


Students gifted in the arts usually share one or more of these traits:

  • High quality of work and task commitment to one of the arts 
  • Arts involvement and interest either in class or on their own
  • Willingness to explore arts’ problems
  • Flexible thinking; uses many approaches to solving a problem
  • Creative potential
  • Goes beyond the obvious, sees unusual relationships
  • Thinks of doing projects in their spare time 
  • Examines and observes things very thoroughly
  • Likes to elaborate on an idea and add details
  • Takes work seriously and completes it
  • High energy level
  • Self-direction


Spartanburg School District Six will accept nominations for the Artistically and Musically Gifted and Talented Program (Visions) during the weeks of September 11-29 If your child is interested in auditioning for the Art and/or Music Visions program, please complete a nomination form available in the front office of your child's elementary school between September 11-29, then submit it to your child's art/music teacher.  Art nominations are accepted from grades 2-8.  Music nominations are accepted from grades 2-4.


Once a referral form is completed and submitted to the school's art/music teacher, you will receive a letter from the art/music teacher concerning next steps in the identification process.  Students will participate in a screening process in November using a test based on the arts rubrics (in Appendix M and O) outlined in the South Carolina Identification of Artistically Gifted and Talented Students: Referral, Screening and Assessment.