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"[The story] starts us out with a fairly staid banker who needs some sort of creative release and finds it in lecturing to local high-school classes on the need for self-fulfillment…It quickly develops however, that one of [the banker's] daughters—the youngest of three—has been very much impressed by her father's exhortations. She has further decided that her own true fulfillment can best be realized by going out for the football team." Any number of complications result: The father's job is jeopardized because the bank president doesn't approve; the girl's elder sisters insist that their social life has been blighted—especially the sister whose boyfriend is captain of the football team; and the girl football player herself finds that playing football and being a girl aren't always compatible, particularly when her own boyfriend disapproves of what she's doing. After any number of riotous mishaps, the play ends on a happily tender note with the whole family going out to see one of the other sisters in the high-school play, as Ginger is escorted by her reconciled boyfriend.
A hit, both on Broadway and the road, and one of our most consistently popular plays. "Another highly enjoyable comedy has come to town…the theme of the tomboy who finds herself ditched by her boyfriend for conduct unbecoming a girl leads to some tender moments at the end. And a comedy that not only amuses but moves an audience is irresistible." —NY Times. "TIME OUT FOR GINGER is hilarious, all right, but it is also human, warm and touching. Draws as steady a stream of laughs as any comedy in years." —World Telegram.