Beginning Orchestra

For the 2021 - 2022 School Year, Beginning Strings will start in the 5th and 6th Grade at all of our nine elementary schools and three middle schools. Information about each of the string instruments as well as how you can sign up for next year is all included on this page!
How to Sign Up:
What Instrument do I want to play?
Deciding on what instrument you want to play is exciting! If you want some extra help in figuring out what instrument you want to play, click on the links below to see detailed videos on all of our String Instruments from our Discovery Band and Strings Program. 
Parents: Listen to some parent interviews in this Parent Video 
Questions? Email Arlyn Mills, Spartanburg District Six Orchestra Coordinator [email protected] 
Additional information:
  • Strings will meet twice each week during the school day. 
  • All safety protocols will be followed in order to ensure that your student is safe and healthy when beginning Band or Strings.
  • In class, students will learn the fundamentals of playing an instrument, how to hold and care for the instrument, how to pluck and bow the strings, and how to read music. 
  • In Strings, students will learn self-discipline, how to problem solve, build self-esteem, and learn what it means to be part of a team. These valuable skills can be applied to all aspects of life. 
  • Free lessons are available after school to all the 5th-grade students at Dorman with our SSWAT (String Students With Advanced Teens) Program. SSWAT is an opportunity for high school symphony students to give back to their school by encouraging and motivating beginning students with a free private lesson. The beginners work individually or in small groups with a symphony member. During the second semester the small group lessons combine into an orchestra, and the students present a concert at the end of March. 
  • Summer camp opportunities are also available for rising sixth graders. Contact your orchestra teacher for more information or to sign up.
Check out our  Middle School Orchestra Program Page in order to see what your child has in store!!!!