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Art Awards

Piedmont Interstate Fair


We are very proud of the student artwork exhibited at the Piedmont Interstate Fair. We had many students who won category ribbons for their art.


-D6 elementary schools exhibited 40 works of art

and won 2- 1st place, 2- 2nd place, & 2- 3rd place ribbons

-D6 middle schools exhibited 57 works of art

and won 3- 1st place, 1- 2nd place, & 1- 3rd place ribbons

-DFC & DHS exhibited 76 works of art

and won 5- 1st place, 4- 2nd place, & 4- 3rd place ribbons

3-D Art Exhibition

Dorman High School participated in the first annual 3-D Art Exhibition at the

Chapman Cultural Center in conjunction with the Tri-state Sculptors Convention.