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Summer Arts Institute

We are so excited to have our D6 Art and Music Visions students in our
Online Summer Arts Institute! If you are interested in joining camp,
please e-mail Mrs. Vicki Bishop at to register.

If you need to borrow a ukulele for Mrs. Burgess’s class you may pick one up by emailing Mrs. Bishop at  Mrs. Bishop’s hours are 8:30-3:30 Tuesday- Thursday, June 2nd-4th at the Spartanburg District Six Administrative Office, 1390 Cavalier Way, Roebuck, SC 29376.  Email her when you arrive in the parking lot and she will bring a ukulele out to your car.


fish swimming in water
Click on the Summer Arts Institute classes below for FUN Oceanic Arts lessons!
female teacher with a cow

Hi everyone! My name is Frances Vaughan and I absolutely love teaching visual art at Dorman High School! As an artist, I am inspired by nature and animals. which are my favorite subjects to paint. I have taught at the Summer Arts Institute for the past 16 years and always look forward to seeing the amazing talent we have here in Spartanburg School District 6!

For questions for Dr. Vaughan or to send her photos of your work, email Dr. Vaughan at
Video Art Lesson 1: Polynesian Inspired Nature Boats

In this lesson, we will be discovering some of the traditional Polynesian watercraft built from natural resources. We will be designing and building our own vessels to set sail!



Video Art Lesson 2: Mud Masterpieces in the Outback

In this painting project, we will experiment with using paint from natural elements such as mud, charcoal, vegetables, or fruit. We will finish with a painting of Australian animals using our creative concoctions!


Aimee Price, Art teacher in Spartanburg SC

Hi! My name is Aimee Price and I teach art at Dawkins Middle School. I’ve been an art teacher at DMS for 13 years. When I’m not teaching, I’m helping coach the Dorman distance track team, running, painting, or playing with my rambunctious boys.

For questions for Mrs. Price or to send her photos of your work, email Mrs. Price at

Art Lessons 1: Aboriginal rain stick

Campers will learn a brief history of Australia and Aboriginal rain sticks. Campers then get to create their own using recycled paper towel or toilet paper rolls, plastic wrap, tape, rice/beads/elbow noodles/beans (anything that will make sound inside the rain stick) and materials they have on hand to decorate (construction paper, yarn, markers, paint, etc).


Art Lesson 2: Sistrums

Campers will learn about sistrums and how they are used to make music. Using sticks, strings, beads, and bottle caps, campers will create their own colorful sistrum instrument.





Jeff Mages Art teacher Spartanburg SCHello Campers and Family.  My name is Jeff Mages and I have taught art for over 22 years and absolutely love the work I see students create.  I teach Art at Dorman Freshman Campus and enjoy every minute.  In my spare time, I enjoy painting, drawing, building things as well as spending time walking the nature trails on my land.  I love to watch and listen to the different events happening all around me, which help inspire some of my work.  I look forward to our journey during this camp and seeing the great creations you make.


For questions for Mr. Mages or to send him photos of your work, email Mr. Mages at

Mr. Mages also has a Remind class you can join by texting @20artcamp to 81010





Video Art Lesson 1: Faces from Found Objects

In this lesson, students will be constructing faces from found objects around the inside and outside of their house. This project is influenced by work created by Rome, Georgia Artist Jim Shores!


Glue or Hot Glue, Paper Plates, Old Plates, Bottle caps, String, Cotton balls, etc… Anything that resembles parts of the face.

** Please send 3 Photographs of each face made for the grand finale presentation. Send through the class remind!


Video Art Lesson 2: Paper towel tube sculptures

In this lesson, we will be exploring the use of space, patterns, texture, movement and line in development of a paper tube sculpture. This project can have multiple elements to the design.


Scissors, Paper towel tubes, Toilet paper tubes, Glue or Hot Glue (BE SAFE with hot Glue)

(Optional) Color paper to make your own tubes or paint

** Please send 3 Photographs of each face made for the grand finale presentation. Send through the class remind!



photo of Heather Hulsey, Art teacher

Hello, my name is Heather Hulsey and I teach art at Dawkins Middle School. I have taught art for 3 years. In my spare time I really enjoy painting, listening to music, cooking, and hanging out with my husband and our fur babies.

Email Mrs. Hulsey with questions or photos of your work to
Video Art Lesson: 1 Sand Art

Campers will create artwork with natural objects found inside or outside. They will draw symbols and designs into materials such as sand, dirt, flour, sugar, mud, etc. They will use aboriginal symbols to tell their own stories in the natural materials.


Video Art Lesson 2: Rock Painting

 Campers will learn a brief history of Aboriginal Dot painting. They will paint a design on a natural found rock or pebble in the aboriginal dot painting style. They will use symbols and designs that represent themselves and their own stories.






Bridget Burgess, music teacher with her class

Hello Visions students! My name is Bridget Burgess and I teach music at Pauline-Glenn Springs Elementary. Visions Camp is the highlight of my year because I get to spend time with some of the most creative brains…You! I often joke that I can’t believe I get to live my dream of making music every day, all day! While music is a huge part of my life, I also enjoying spending time with my wonderful family, traveling and hand-knitting blankets…IT’S SO THERAPEUTIC!

I can’t wait to make music with you this summer!


You can communicate with Mrs. Burgess through email at





Music Video Lesson 1: “Fly-ee to Hawaii”

We will learn a little about the ukulele and basic chords on the ukulele to accompany this song.



Music Video Lesson 2: “Fly-ee to Hawaii: Your Turn” –

You will have the opportunity to play along with me and share your performance with me via video, should you choose!



Fly-ee to Hawaii Audio:




Music teacher Kelly Moore in mountainsHi Visions students! My name is Ms. Kelly Moore and I teach music at Fairforest Elementary. This is my third year teaching with our D6 Summer Arts Institute. I was also a guest speaker for common time in 2016. The Visions camp has been one of my favorite events to be a part of because of meeting so many creative students and teachers. In addition to teaching music, I love being involved in music at my church through choir and bell choir. I'm a yoga enthusiast (my picture is from a yoga retreat), love to walk outside, and I enjoy reading.

You can communicate with Mrs. Moore through email at

Music Video Lesson 1: "Fly-ee to Hawaii" -

We'll experience some Hawaiian music through song, movement, and recorder playing. You can choose how you want to be involved - either through learning the song, creating movement, or instrumental playing.

Music Video Video 2: "Fly-ee to Hawaii" part 2 -

We'll take our imaginative "Hawaiian trip" a little further and put our musical choices together. We'll also have the option of ukulele playing. 

Fly-ee to Hawaii Audio:


Kathryn Kopp, music teacher in Spartanburg

Hello everyone!  My name is Kathryn Kopp and music is my thing!  I teach band at Dorman High School, Anderson Mill Elementary, and West View Elementary.  If you’ve ever gone to a DHS football game on Friday night, I bet you’ve seen me hanging out with the Marching Band!  When I’m not teaching, I love going on nature trails and playing with my dog, Leo. 

Sometimes you just want to make some noise, and we are going to do that with my music lessons!


You can communicate with Mrs. Kopp through email at


Music Video Lesson 1:  Hawaiian drumming

We will learn about traditional Hawaiian drumming instruments and how to play them.  We will use “found instruments” around the house like pots and pans or wooden bowls and learn to play them like traditional Hawaiian instruments. We will use the song “Fly-ee to Hawaii” to practice. 

*Materials needed – one or all of the following – big pot, small pot, wooden bowl, and two wooden spoons.  If you made instruments in Mrs. Price’s art lesson bring those as well.


Music Video Lesson 2: “Fly-ee to Hawaii” play along

Play along with me while we use our “found instruments” to add percussion to the song “Fly-ee to Hawaii.”  You can even share a video of you performing along with me or improvising your own rhythms to “Fly-ee to Hawaii.” 

*Materials needed – one or all of the following – big pot, small pot, wooden bowl, and two wooden spoons.  If you made instruments in Mrs. Price’s art lesson bring those as well.


Fly-ee to Hawaii Audio:


photo of Blair DawkinsHi campers! I am Blair Dawkins and I teach theatre at Dorman Freshman Campus.  Some of my favorite shows I have worked on include:  Matilda (Associate Director), Shrek (Choreographer), Smokey Joe's Cafe (Performer), Titanic (Eleanor Widener), and Memphis (Clara).  Aside from performing, directing, and designing with the Spartanburg Little Theatre and Dorman Theatre Department, I enjoy baking, Clemson football, all things Broadway, and I have developed a new passion for gardening during quarantine.  I absolutely love my rescue terrier Rory who is a trained therapy dog and has been seen on the DTD stage in Annie, Wizard of Oz, and Mary Poppins.
You can communicate with Mrs. Dawkins through email at
Theatre Lesson 1 - Capturing the Audience's Attention with your Voice
Tips and tricks for how to capture an audience when reading aloud.  We'll talk about the physical part of using our voices including breath support, articulation, stance, and eye contact.


Theatre Lesson 2 - Coloring Your Words

We will discuss how the words we read give us clues as to how we should say them to add drama and interest to our reading or delivery on stage.  The text always provides the clues to allow us as actors to give our best performance and keep our audience engaged.





Lauren Carlson, dance teacher in Spartanburg with her dog

Mrs. Carlson is a graduate of the University of South Carolina with a degree in Dance Performance and Choreogrphy. Mrs. Carlson has been teaching dance at Dorman for two years and has choreographed the musicals Mary Poppins and Matilda for the District 6 drama department. Mrs. Carlson trained at International Ballet Academy and worked with choreographers all over the US. She has studied in the genres of tap, jazz, ballet, contemporary, East Coast Swing, and modern dancing. Mrs. Carlson enjoys teaching piano, playing the harp, swing dancing with her husband, watching movies, and playing with their two puppies!


If you have questions or want to send pictures or videos to Mrs. Carlson, email her at


Dance Video Lesson 1


In lesson 1 we will learn fun upbeat choreography that incorporates traditional hula movements from the Pacific islands of Hawaii! We will get our arms moving, hips shaking, and feet stomping to fun island inspired music from one of my favorites Lilo and Stitch!


Dance Video Lesson 2

In island music, intricate beats are often a key component of the story telling through the choreography. In lesson 2 we will use house hold items (ex. spoons, pots, drum sticks, etc.) to create intricate beat patterns that we will then use as the basis for our student movement exploration and creation.


Nicki Hines, Dorman HS Dance teacher

I have been teaching dance classes at Dorman for 22 years. I began the program in 1999 and am excited that the program continues to grow. The program consist of a National Honors Society for Dance Arts, Dance Company, Advance dance and dance I, I, & III. The program highlights ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, hip hop and cultural dance. Students rehearse for a fall and spring dance concert and get to perform for some of the district middle schools. My hobbies include, hiking, reading, traveling, animals and my daily routine requires coffee! So excited to be part of the camp.

If you have questions or want to send pictures or videos to Mrs. Hines, email her at


Dance Video 1:

In video 1,  I teach the choreography for the routine dance treasures. I will demonstrate the dance and then teach a break down step by step. Students will need to pick a prop to incorporate for the last 6 counts of 8 of dance.


Dance Video 2:

In video 2, students will get to experience creative movement in dance using their prop. They will then use their prop to create 6 counts of 8 of their own choreography. The video will explain all the parts of creating the student dance.